Interviewing Tips


Research the company before the interview—size, product lines, history, philosophy and culture. Most companies have web sites that are easily accessible.

Prepare questions about the company to ask at the interview. Know who you will be interviewing with and their titles.

Bring your research, questions, extra copies of your resume and a separate list of references with you to the interview. Also bring pen and paper.


Arrive a few minutes early. Introduce yourself clearly with full name and handshake.
Avoid anything negative about former companies, managers or co-workers.
Think before you answer a question.
Do not talk about personal problems or personal shortcomings.
Send a thank you note to each interviewer.


Tell me about yourself.
Why are you interested in this position?
What skills or strengths do you bring to the job?
What skills would you like to improve?
How do you get along with your current manager?
What have you liked about a job in the past. Any dislikes?
What are your long-term goals?
What is your current salary?

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